More Testimonials about Rose's Western New York history writing and presentations, including that of Frederick Douglass in Rochester, New York


...In her book "Frederick & Anna Douglas in Rochester New York: Their Home Was Open to All" a current resident of Monroe County's central city, author/historian Rose O'Keefe places the lives of Frederick and Anna Douglass in historical perspective. In her introduction she explains how a man saw her reading a biography of Douglass in the Downtown Rochester Public Library. "He told me that some of the Douglass children had attended 13 School on Gregory Street in Rochester (which happens to be my neighborhood)". The hunt had begun… David Minor, Pittsford, NY (December 10, 2013)


"There are hundreds of books about Frederick Douglass, but those of us that are interested in not only his triumphs but the details of his family and personal life will love this book. The author has done a great job researching interesting facts about Anna Douglass, the wife of Frederick, and of their family. I was fascinated to learn how Anna held the family together in a not-yet totally segregated New York while Frederick is gone for months at end doing lectures. This book is interesting to read and could be enjoyed by anyone ages 12 to 100." L. Cosmano, Rochester, NY (December 3, 2013)


"This is the book I've been waiting for - the story of an amazing man and his brave family who made such an important impact on not only the eventual end of slavery in America, but also on the rights of women. This well researched book interweaves Frederick Douglass' journey from slavery to minister and consul to Haiti with the rise of the abolitionist movement. He spent twenty five years in Rochester, New York and remains a significant figure in both local and national history." J. Bennett,  Rochester, NY (November 23, 2013)

“Thank you very much for the help with my local (western New York) history research project. These photographs proved to be a great help! Thanks again,” Shawn P. Casey, University of Rochester, (May 2011)


“A new book by Rochester author and historian Rose O’Keefe offers a wonderful way to learn more about local (western New York and Rochester) history and can make everything from family outings to a simple trip to the grocery store more interesting.” K. Gabalksi, in Hamlin-Clarkson Herald and Suburban News West Edition (January 2, 2011.)


“. . . She writes of how Genesee County was formed from Ontario County in 1802 and covered the area west of the Genesee River to Lake Erie – much larger than Genesee’s current configuration. O’Keefe also talks about common wages and occupations that were common at the founding of Genesee County.” S. Bortle in, The Daily News Online, Batavia, NY, book review (August 5, 2010)


“The reader will enjoy learning about both prominent and little-known personalities and landmarks. O’Keefe stresses the far-reaching significance of abolitionists, proponents of women’s rights, and religious movements of the region. (Historic Genesee Country review in Life in the Finger Lakes, Winter 2010.)


“I very much enjoyed the presentation on the South East portion of Rochester. . . The artifacts Rose brought were an added attraction. Many of the pictures served to whet the appetite for further study.” J. K., Chili, NY


Re, The Wedge newspaper: “What a source of neighborhood history! This is a great little newspaper which touches upon the whole Southeast corridor.” B. C., Rochester, NY


"Rose O’Keefe makes history live with a well researched and ably presented slide collection. From my knowledge she has collected and organized an amazing amount of information - some of it unique." W.Y., Brighton, NY


“Rose's delivery is spiced with humor and buoyed with [her] love of Western New York from the early Senecas through today. [She] has opened our eyes and hearts to the beauty and heritage of our Genesee Valley.” L. M., Rochester, NY


“You have real radio presence! Lovely radio voice. Your passion for your subject comes through, and it was all extremely interesting.” R. P., Pittsford, NY


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