Testimonials about Rose's Western New York history

of Frederick and Anna Douglass' family

From Celeste-Marie Bernier, co-author of If I Survive: Frederick Douglass and Family in the Walter O. Evans Collection (Edinburgh: University Press, Sept. 1, 2018) Introduction, lxxv.

"... Even more recently, in 2013, Rose O'Keefe published her ground-breaking book Frederick and Anna Douglass in Rochester, New York: Their Home Was Open to All. She pulls no punches regarding the difficulties besetting scholars: "Although researchers have devoted decades to cataloguing five thousand pieces of his public writings, speeches and travels in the marvelous series, 'The Frederick Douglass Papers', details about the family are much harder to come by." (October 1, 2018)

"I want to thank you for a wonderful job on Saturday! You kept all of us interested and engaged with your vast knowledge and stories of the people in Mt. Hope. Much appreciation,Audra Audra Dion, M.S. Ed, NCC, LMHCAssistant DirectorGlobal Education & International Services Office, Monroe Community College (October 19, 2015)


I was pleasantly surprised to hear your interview on NPR the other day. You are a wonderful speaker and I loved hearing your stories about researching and writing. Great job."  Barbara  (July 24, 2015)


"On behalf of the students of the Charles Riley Tutorial Program and my adult students, I want to express  my deep gratitude for your presentation on Friday. We all learned a lot, especially the children. And thank you for bringing your guests." Minister Lawrance Lee Evans, National Minister of First Community Interfaith Institute Inc. (Nov. 24, 2014)


"Thanks for a great reading and book signing. I heard so many nice comments about it from the attendees on Saturday morning." Vicki Masters Profitt, Director, Fairport Historical Society (Nov. 23, 2014)


I enjoyed it [Special Delivery]! Very strong sense of place + a healthy dose of boyish awkwardness on the part of the narrator. I was intrigued by the casual mentions of historical points such as a business address or a proprietor’s name. Appreciated your closing with FACTS and FICTION. It’s always an eyeopener to go behind the scenes. And the use of archival newsprint lent authenticity and encouraged the curious, such as you know who. WELL DONE!” Eric O. (October 2014)


"AWESOME!!! interview. You sounded very good and so very knowledgeable on the subject. I could hear the smile sometimes in your replies, you can tell how much you enjoy and are fascinated by the Douglas family. CONGRATULATIONS!!!  you so rock!" Valerie H. (October, 2014)


"I want to tell you how totally impressed I am that you’re the author of those books!!  That is FANTASTIC!  I have purchased the South East one for friends and relatives, and now I know the author.  I’m awestruck.  Great job!!  In fact, I just leafed through it again, and once again had such a feeling of nostalgia for being able to grow up in such a great neighborhood and to see how it looked when my parents were growing up as well.  Kudos to you." Joan Balliet


"Many thanks once again for your presentation on the (western New York) history at WOW! yesterday. We learned so much and remembered things long forgotten!! Our programs that help us relive our own history are always popular and your was one of the best we’ve had!
Again, THANK YOU! from the WOW! community” Immanuel Lutheran Church, Webster, NY (August 2014)


"Excellent history of one of the historic figures of Rochester, NY. Fun to see the many locations that still exist." D.H. Cook, Fairport, NY (March 28, 2014)


" Frederick & Anna Douglass by Rose O’ Keefe is an interesting study into the life of a remarkable person. The author was able to take Douglass’s many notes and papers and project them into an account of not only of his arduous attempt to make Blacks part of the American culture, but also to show how his family strived for acceptance in the late 19th century. It is an inspiring story. It is well worth reading". Ed McClive, Rochester, NY (March 23, 2014)


"Rose O'Keefe's recent work on Frederick & Anna Douglass excells in high quality research as she shares much needed information about one of the great Rochesterians and the contributions made by his wife, Anna, to his greatness. Rose has developed into an excellent author over the past several years. This is one of her outstanding works. I am proud to possess a copy of this excellent historical work. Rose has shared much needed information about Anna and her untiring work in support of Frederick. Other works do not share Anna's contributions on the level of excellence that Rose has written." - Walter W. Clark, Dallas, TX (March 17, 2014)


"Being a Rochesterian for the last 40 years I found this book to be precisely what I needed to better understand Frederick Douglass' (and his family's) life while living in Rochester, N.Y. This book is a complete biography of Douglass (from his birth in Maryland to his death while living in Washington, D.C.) but the emphasis on his upstate New York/Rochester activities makes it stand out and especially valuable to me.I already have more than a dozen books on, or by, Frederick Douglass in my library. When I perused this book I knew I had to have it because here, under one title, was a source that pulled together the complex and contextual story of Douglass' development of the North Star newspaper, his home and family life, his relationships with fellow Rochesterians Susan B. Anthony and Amy and Isaac Post, Julia Griffiths, Ottilie Assing, and other Abolitionists such as William C. Nell, Martin Delaney and William Lloyd Garrison.I found the writing to be clear and precise. The numerous side-bars and wonderful illustrations helped immensely to tell the sometimes complicated but always interesting story of the Douglass family's interactions with other family members, supporters and detractors and the times they lived in. Thank you Ms. O'Keefe for this invaluable work!" Robert Djed Snead, Rochester, NY (February 23, 2014)


"This book is very much in sync with the times. Stemming from the 50th anniversary of civil rights anniversaries, new films such as The Butler, 12 Years a Slave, and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, and most recently Nelson Mandela's passing add to the discussions about racial advancement. History books most often do not mention the supporting figures of such leaders (the wife and family) and I appreciate that this author has presented their story." S. Meadows, New York City, NY (December 12, 2013)



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